Earth’s Waters Mousepad
02/05/2011 Earth’s Waters Mouse Pad
Our Earth’s Waters Mouse Pad shows a beautiful photo-like view of Earth, created with images taken from space by the NASA Terra scientific research satellite (image credit: Earth Observatory/NASA). Our planet’s globe, with blue Pacific Ocean and white clouds, is seen against the blackness of space. North America can be glimpsed below clouds.

We have other mouse pads and gifts featuring views of Earth from space, like the Horn of Africa Mouse Pad. See the Space section of Nostromics Store.Factorial sweatshirts and T-shirts
01/31/2011  Picture
Factorial Dark Sweatshirt
The Nostromics Factorial Dark Sweatshirt shows the mathematical expression n! is equal to the product (represented by the capital Greek letter Pi) from k=1 to n of k. In math, the factorial function of a number n, denoted by n!, is the product of all positive integer numbers less than or equal to n. This function has many applications in different branches of mathematics such as combinatorics, calculus and algebra.

We have T-shirts and apparel with the same design, like the Factorial Women’s T-Shirt, in the Math section of Nostromics Store.Wife and Mother-in-law Illusion T-shirts and clothing
01/23/2011ictureWife & Mother-in-Law Illusion Tote
Illusions is a new section of Nostromics Store with T-shirts, clothing and gifts inspired by cognitive and optical illusions. Like the amazing Wife And Mother-in-law Illusion Tote Bag. In its design you can see either an old woman or a young one, but not both. This image was originally created by cartoonist W.E. Hill in 1915.

See also the Wife And Mother-in-law Illusion Women’s T-Shirt and related products in the Illusions section of Nostromics Store.My Cybook Opus Ebook Reader: free ebook on digital reading2/30/2010
My Cybook Opus Ebook Reader - Adventures of a New User
Cover of ‘My Cybook Opus Ebook Reader’
My Cybook Opus Ebook Reader - Adventures of a New User is a new free ebook by Paolo Amoroso of Nostromics on digital reading. It tells the author’s experience in choosing, buying and using a Cybook Opus electronic book reading device. The Opus is a popular e-book reader produced by French manufacturer BOOKEEN.

You can freely download My Cybook Opus Ebook Reader and share it under a Creative Commons license.

This book is not an instruction manual or an introductory guide. Rather, it is a sort of diary collecting the impressions, usage notes, insights, frustrations and tips of a user learning about the Opus and digital reading.

Abdaraxos of Alexandria T-shirts and clothing

Abdaraxos of Alexandria T-Shirt
Abdaraxos of Alexandria T-Shirt
Hellenistic Greece was more interested in science and technology than commonly thought from the study of literary sources, as reminded by our Abdaraxos of Alexandria Dark T-Shirt. It displays a Greek quote meaning “Abdaraxos, builder of the mechanical devices in Alexandria”. The quote is from Laterculi Alexandrini, a 2nd century BC list of famed people in various fields.

See also the Abdaradox of Alexandria Women’s T-Shirt and related apparel in the History of Science section of Nostromics Store.

Sirius names T-shirts and sweatshirts

Sirius Names Women’s Dark T-Shirt
Sirius Names Women’s Dark T-Shirt
Star Sirius, the brightest in the sky and also the brightest in constellation Canis Major (big dog), is known to astronomers by more than one official name or astronomical catalog number. Our Nostromics Sirius Names Women’s Dark T-Shirt lists some of these names with a space-like, modern font: Sirius a.k.a. Alpha Canis Majoris HD 48915 BD -16°1591.

We have other clothing products and gifts with the same design, such as the Sirius Names Dark T-Shirt, sweatshirt and more. See the Astronomy section of Nostromics Store.

Science Signed by Scientists T-shirts, clothing and gifts

Science Signed by Scientists
Science Signed by Scientists
The Science Signed by Scientists Tote Bag is a great way of carrying your science books. It features the word SCIENCE with reproductions of the signatures of some of the greatest scientists in history: Charles Darwin, Leonhard Euler, Galileo Galilei, Michael Faraday, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton. It’s as if this winning science team signed your bag.

We designed many more similar products like the Science Signed by Scientists Women’s Dark T-Shirt, the Great Scientists Signatures Mousepad and many more in the Scientists Signatures section of Nostromics Store.

Retired Shuttle orbiters T-shirts and clothing

Retired Shuttle Dark Sweatshirt
Retired Shuttle Dark Sweatshirt
The last launch in 2011 will end the NASA Space Shuttle program after 30 years of operation. To celebrate the Shuttle fleet retirement we designed T-shirts, sweathirts and clothing like the Retired Shuttle Atlantis dark Sweatshirt, Discovery women’s T-shirt and Endeavour dark T-shirt. See the Space section of Nostromics Store.

The designs include a Shuttle orbiter drawing (credit: NASA) with each orbiter vehicle designation above (OV-103, OV-104 and OV-105) and proper names in blue, NASA-like font below (Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour).

Hackers vs Crackers sweatshirts, T-shirts and hoodies

Hackers vs Crackers Sweatshirt
Hackers vs Crackers Sweatshirt
When computer crimes are reported in the news, the perpetrators are often called “hackers”. But the media got it backwards, because they should be more appropriately be called “crackers”. Hackers are the good guys: they enjoy exploring computing systems and pushing their capabilitie. Hackers are not criminals or pirates.

Our Hackers vs Crackers Dark Sweatshirt, hoodie and other clothing in the Computing section of Nostromics Store have text HACKERS ARE NOT CRACKERS in a computer and pirate font, next to a skull with pirate patch.

Dante’s Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise ending stanzas apparel

Inferno ending stanza T-shirt
Inferno ending stanza T-shirt
The Nostromics Inferno Ending Stanza White T-Shirt shows the Inferno (hell) cantica ending stanza in Dante’s Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy) medieval poem:”E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle” (thus issuing we again beheld the stars). The quote text is set in an elegant, antique-looking font.

We also have Purgatory (“…puro e disposto a salire a le stelle”) and Paradise (“…l’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle”) ending stanzas T-shirts, sweatshirts and apparel for men and women, see the Science and Art section of Nostromics Store.
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